Our client offering changed dramatically in lockdown. We were able to adapt quickly to our new circumstances by offering online coffee mornings and recovery groups. We called clients on the phone to see how they were and to find out if they had any specific support needs. Our team then assisted or signposted clients as appropriate.

We launched our website as we went into lockdown, and we also set up an ESRA Facebook page. All of this helped clients to more easily access support and to stay connected with one another.

We surveyed our clients on the way they perceived the support that they have been receiving from ESRA in lockdown. They were all contacted by an ESRA employee by phone. 

Clients surveyed had a broad age representation, with more people being in their 50s than in any other age group. The male/female split was almost identical.

It is clear from the responses below that our clients have been well supported by ESRA.

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